Extreme Water Sports

Proplugs help:

  • Minimize risk of painful ruptured eardrums caused during high speed falls
  • Prevent swimmers ear from frequent water irritation and exposure
  • For Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Kayaking, Water polo and High Dive athletes

Vented Doc’s Proplugs can prevent healthy uninjured eardrums from swimmers ear and rupture eardrums and is especially effective for extreme watersport athletes who push themselves to the limit. Because the Proplug has a vent, a compressed air column can escape. Beware of solid eaplugs or a sheet of neoprene over the ears because an air column compression can impact the eardrum.

For those with Tympanoplasty: Wearing a water polo cap will foil any impacting water from the ears and the holes allow air pockets to escape